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"Molecool - Cosmos RNA" at Night of Research

The NCCR RNA & Disease participated in the Research Night of the University of Bern with the exhibition "Cosmos RNA - The Code of Life". Visitors could discover posters on RNA-related topics, perform various experiments, solve quizzes or try out the game "RNA Eater". One of the highlights was the "Molecular Bar", where visitors could have a drink mixed according to a code/recipe decoded from a translation of the RNA amino acid code. In addition, two people walked through the event as a "ribosome translating an mRNA," gave away Cosmos RNA treats, and drew attention to the Cosmos RNA exhibition. According to estimates by the University of Bern, around 10,000 people visited the Night of Research 2022.

Participating Groups:

  • Sebastian Leidel – University of Bern
  • Oliver Mühlemann – University of Bern
  • Mariusz Nowacki – University of Bern
  • Norbert Polacek – University of Bern
  • André Schneider – University of Bern
  • Volker Thiel – Institute of Immunology and Virology & University of Bern

Conzept & Coordination:

  • Nicole Kleinschmidt - University of Bern

Pictures: Adrian Moser

The NCCR would like to thank the organizers, all NCCR researchers and others who contributed to the exhibition, including Nikon for providing the microscopes. Special thanks go to Nicole Kleinschmidt, the driving force behind the Cosmos RNA exhibition, as well as Noah Kleinschmidt, Marc Landolfo, Sofia Nasif and Karin Schranz.

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